Stone Turret Cabin on Lake Chelan – Video

Here is a video tour of the Lake Chelan Rock Turret or tower.

So I apologize for no recent posts. I actually posted this Lake Chelan post on July 3rd from my phone while Cheryl was driving us to Mount Vernon for the Fireworks at Big Lake. The problem was that it saved it and said it was published then POOF it was gone. The next day I noticed no post was up and was so discouraged I didn’t get around to RE-posting this until now.

At the beginning of July Cheryl, Brent and I camped at Lake Chelan State park in the beach sites (awesome). We had a dock right in front of our tent. Took the boat out for cruises and went to wineries when the weather was bad. Ya I said wineries… guess I’m getting old but Cheryl was stoked and we saw some cool setups at some of them. I’m not a wine guy but the Karma winery had this man-made underground cave and some cool Adirondack chairs made from wine barrels.

On the last full day we had, it was overcast skys but I still wanted to explore the 50 mile long lake and see what was North of the State Park. The last 30 or so miles of the lake is National Park Service land with not many roads going in there.

The first stop was at a federal boat in only campground with a big dock and several boats camped there. I don’t have any photos but they had this huge rock/log lean to that was an epic camp spot right on the lake. First come first serve maybe?

The 2nd stop was near 25 mile creek. I spotted this rock turret to our right. It blends into the hillside since it’s made of the same rocks the hillside is made of. Looks like it’s been abandon for a few years but it has a dock and skinny cement path up to this 2 story rock turret about ten feet in diameter. It even had a draw bridge on the upside side. A very rickety one I might add, I walked on it and felt the need to not stand there too long. The windows were boarded up so I can only imagine what’s inside. It had a VHF antenna, probably for communication with boats or the community across the lake. Our dog Brodie had fun getting into the water but didn’t swim because needs a beach or something?? We had lunch on the dock and enjoyed the sun. The water was way too cold to swim in, and was getting colder as we went North.

Oh and I lost our key in the lake…

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