The King Kong of Solar Generators

I just found this amazing solar power generator on youtube. There are TONS on there now… But this is the most professional DIY one I’ve seen. TheBenjammin5150 did a great job, I wonder if he’s an electrical engineer?

It’s got wheels so it’s technically portable but you won’t be taking this baby backpacking with you. This is more for powering your bunker during a power outage or running the DJ booth at your next tailgating party. That’s besides the more practical use of being your substantial power backup, in case of a power outage or building your off grid home.

Did you know solar panels can have normal warranty of 25 years and last over 40 years?

These are really fun to make and add on to, so I encourage everyone who wants to learn about solar power to buy some basic components and dive in. 12v wiring is easy and solar power is very scalable. It’s is easy to add on to and modify your design in the future.  They don’t have to be as complicated at his. Here’s a simple version.


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