Tresspassers at Scenic Hotsprings

Scenic Hot Springs has been having problems with trespassers for a long time now, but now they have trail cameras so they can post pictures of weirdos like this crew below. Scenic hot springs is now privately owned and allows the public to “soak” during the day for $5 but dosen’t allow night soakers. It’s a remote site so they have problems catching people in the act. Unfortuanatly it seems many of the tresspassers vandalize the tubs and the areas for no particular reason.

Hope they catch this crew, the guy has a shotgun??? What would happen if he had encountered the sheriff in the other trail camera pic on the dark trail up to the hotsprings?

From the Scenic Hotsprings Blog:
A continuing problem and one we are going to deal with, involving law enforcement.  Two samples from last week . . . if this is you, you are not welcome at Scenic.  If we catch you at Scenic we will have charges pressed.

I’m particularly concerned with the individual carrying what appears to be a shotgun . . . accompanied by half a dozen dogs and inadequately dressed accomplices.  Are these also the people who tore down a metal roofing section, dragged it beside the soaking pools, and used it to hold a fire late at night?

A group of four (including a young child) and a guy with a gun.

See More tresspasser photos the Scenic Hotsprings Blog

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  1. jimbo says:

    Hope they catch that guy.