Modern yet Rustic Cabin in Ontario

More Internet stumbling today. This great 600 sf cabin has both modern and rustic sensibilities combined in really fun ways. It’s got slanted walls (intentionally) and even a slanted door to get into the bathroom. I especially like the locally sourced treed partially holding up the porch roof. It’s off the grid in Loring, Ontario Canada.
From the builder:

Built a 600 sq. ft. cabin on my 70 acres in northern Ontario. We inherited the property from my wife’s grandparents – it’s a large pie shaped lot with around 400 feet of waterfront.

We’ve been saving and wanting to do this for a long time now. I’m proud to say I was able to avoid debt in building it. A friend of mine did the design work and helped with the labour along with my wife and me.

Interior isn’t done yet, we’re running a plywood floor and open stud walls. The loft’s floor is all tongue and groove red pine. The frame cabin is built out of local unstamped lumber – most of which was rough hewn and beautiful to work with. There are no building codes up in this area of Ontario due to the lack of an organized township.

Modern rustic cabin in Ontario

iron wood tree in deck

That piece of wood is iron wood – one of the densest woods in our area of Canada and incredibly strong. A standing dead tree has far more load bearing capacity than a 6″ x 6″ post. There is much more holding up that corner anyways (two 6″x12″ beams that support the overhang). Because of the lack of building code we decided to be creative – the cabin is very structurally sound – even overbuilt – all the drawings have had proper engineering figured into them (snow load, bearing weights, etc…).

The tree rests on a 6″x8″ joist just below the deck.

slant wall

cabin deck view

cabin deck view

See more photos of this beautiful cabin here:

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