Cabin Gables are Up and Big Trees Cut

Made some good progress last weekend. This post is late. My friend Cam came out and helped us cut down some trees in front of the cabin. It improved our view  of Hood Canal and gave us some more light for the soon to be moved solar panels. 9 trees made a huge difference! When they were down I realized that they were over 100′ tall. Douglas firs.

While Cam and I were logging Nate and Aaron were up in the loft framing the pony wall that boosts our ceiling height. Also they managed to get 3 gable ends framed up. The first one took 3 tries I think. The window openings are final yet, we still don’t have windows anyway. They are 2×4′ now and I think the windows should be 2×3′. Back to craigslist for some used windows. It’s easier to find really big windows than small ones.
Anyway I’ll be back up there Memorial Day weekend for some Clamming, Oyster hunting and fishing… More playing this time! Also I borrowed a snatch block to try to get some of those trees out of the forest. Stay tuned…

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3 Responses

  1. RDLong70 says:

    Must be to compensate for the snow load in winter. After all, look what happened to your yurt. Good luck with the rest of the build and post more pics. Love’em.

  2. Yep they called for it and included it in the kit. We left it 16′ instead of cutting to 14′ for that lodge look. But ya i was surprised it’s that big, not really sure why.

  3. RDLong70 says:

    That top ridge beam looks huge. Did the plans call for such a large size?