Camouflage on new Trail Camera

After the breakin I’ve been on the look out for solutions to catch and or deter would be thieves. Here’s what I’m thinking of using to hide the cameras, Camouflage cloth tape. It really helps break up the body of the camera and help it blend into the environment. I don’t have any trees at my house so I could take  pic of it strapped to a tree.

So this is the 2nd type of trail camera I bought after returning the Tasco 5.0 MP trail cameras. It’s a Primos Truth Camera 35 and it has been on the market a few years with success. It was $89 at Cabelas and has 10 extra LED’s for more night range. It also has a much more sensitive PIR sensor than the Tasco, it senses movement and heat out to 40 feet. I tested the Tasco and only got 12 feet max, with is almost useless for my purposes. This one runs on 4 D batteries instead of 4 AA’s so the body of the camera is bigger. It also displays the temp on the photos and has a few more features.

A YouTube commenter showed me a link to Bill’s Blog that shows how he made a off grid solar powered web camera. His is in his back yard where he didn’t want to run power to it.  A Very clever design but he’s got Wifi and I’d have to use a cell adapter and pay phone charges. After seeing this I realize my system would be similarly expensive and way too big to hide so I don’t think we’re going to do it. It would be cool though!

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5 Responses

  1. Solar-powered solutions are future of the world and solar systems, I am very interested in Solar video cameras, I found this on internet, Love new tehnology

  2. Ya I think I learned that the hard way, I had one camera stolen. Not the good one pictured above but stolen none the less. It’s a lot harder than people think to hide these in a spot that will not be seen AND still trigger when someone walks by. Humans are a smart beast. The one that got stolen was in a spot that would trigger but not hidden very well.

  3. T in Leaven says:

    Good job with the camo tape.

    But just keep in mind that the IR LEDs glow a dull red at night, making it pretty easy to locate the camera. For that reason, locate the camera low or high, try to pick somewhere out of normal line of sight.

  4. ya I totally will write a guest blog entry. Hopefully about something I know about.

  5. relaxshax says:

    LOVE IT! Will you write a short guest blog entry on your experiences/frustrations sometime? I might be able to work it into another print project down the road too…