Heading to Goat Island for the Weekend

Heading out to Goat Island in the Puget Sound for Labor Day weekend. Me and 5 of my closest friends not to mention our dog are heading out there in a 12′ boat. Should be a blast. I’ll write more on how it goes. I can’t wait to each some delicious fresh crab and salmon I caught the same day!

Our shelter for the weekend will be tents under tarps or the Cement WW1 Army Fort on the island if the weather is really bad…

You can see the WW1 army fort on the lower left corner of the island

Last year on the way to Goat

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3 Responses

  1. Margy says:

    I do plan on a TEG post when all if finally in place. I try to be positive and so far it has been a bit frustrating. He offered our money back but we really like the concept and have stuck with it. He has been accommodating, but it has taken a very long time. But now that wood stove weather is back we should be able to get some good test data for him.

    Goat Island looks like a good spot. We’ll keep it on our future kayaking list. We want to try the Nooksack next week if the weather cooperates. Have you ever done that from Everson to Ferndale. I know that is the section for the Ski to Sea race so it should be navigable for our big yellow banana.

    Since you like our float construction posts, you probably will like todays about barrels for flotation.


  2. Hi Margy, it’s great you found my blog. I’ve been following your blog for 3 years! And before that I listened to all the Up The Lake/Main podcasts your husband did. Great stuff. Your cabin and projects are very inspiring, hope to visit Powell River someday. I’ve made it to Lund by boat 2 years ago.

    Anyway Goat Island is a popular Kayak trip and allows you to get a lil salty while still being in protected waters. Its very shallow in the bay that’s why few power boat go to go. My friends and I only take aluminum boats there. I still need to post photos of our trip to goat. It’s such a nice spot I may have to take down the map to keep it to myself 🙂

    Do a post on the TEG generator if you ever get it working also I love your float cabin maintaince posts too. That rafting adventure with the quads on the raft was really cool too!

  3. Margy says:

    We have a Goat Island of our own outside our front door. I read about yours when we were planning Washington kayak trips. Last month we paddled the Skagit for three days. Fun.

    About your question regarding our TEG wood stove generator. We have been working with the manufacturer for a year now. He has redesigned it several times. Right now we are taking up a replacement unit for one that got damaged in shipping. They are rated for 25 watts each for the three units, but that isn’t the actual output on our stove. What we are interested in is amps. We estimate that each model will put out 1 amp using a moderate fire. The water pump draws a little less than one amp, leaving two amps to charge the batteries. That’s not much, but since the stove runs almost 24/7 in the winter we should get enough to give us a steady charge when there isn’t much sunlight.

    You have an interesting site. I’ll be following from now on. – Margy