Inventor creates Ewok world in rural Oregon – DIY Treehouses

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This man in rural Oregon has made the worlds biggest grouping of treehouses in the world. He tried to make a living using wood, making all kinds of things until he found what works for him… Treehouses! People come from far and wide to see and stay in his treehouse village in they sky. He’s even got treehouse maids that clean your room, change your sheets and lower the bedding with rope and pulleys. Thanks to Fair Companies for another high quality video. Kirsten Dirksen finds the most interesting people to interview and talk to. Enjoy!

Small Cabin Gear Site

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Fantasy Flakes make all your dreams come true!Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 10.15.39 AM

Want to build a treehouse? Here are some helpful treehosue resources that will help you build a strong, safe treehouse that will last years.


Treehouse resources to help you build and dream:


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