The Pacific Northwest is a Beautiful Place

northwest beauty edit

Filmed some random stuff while spending a couple days with friends at Lake Cushman. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place.

Song- Ben Howard

I just stumbled upon this video via the Google machine and had to post. It’s a very artistic video shot in places near our cabin, places I’ve stood million times. It’s amazing what creative people can see and capture especially in places I’ve probably taken for granted. Makes me want to appreciate them more!

The high bridge in the video is known as the High Steel Bridge near Shelton, WA.  You can drive or walk across it. It was made by the Simpson logging company to cross the river and get to the rest of their land.
High Steel Bridge

High Steel Bridge
South Fork Skokomish River
Shelton, Washington, United States
365 feet high / 111 meters high
366 foot span / 112 meter span