1986 Toyota 4×4 Pickup Truck SR5 – Walkaround Video

toyota 22re engine swapSo I’ve been getting the bug to get a small 4×4 truck for a while now. I wanted a Nissan 720 hardbody or an early Toyota pickup with a 22RE 4 cylinder 2.4L. I found this tan 1986 Toyota on the Craiger (Craigslist) and from the pictures it looked really clean. It had a rebuilt motor with receipts and a Toyota RV cam put in. More importantly it wasn’t jacked up 5 inches and wheeled within an inch of it’s life.

Long story short, I showed up at Micky D’s met the owner and took it for a test drive. The rest is history, it was mine. I learned a lot so far. Including a new engine doesn’t mean everything is perfect about the driving experience, all the sensors and engine accessories are still old and not guaranteed to function perfectly. It doesn’t idle as well as it should and I admit I didn’t do my due diligence and show up to his house to see it run cold. The owner got no less than 6 calls about the truck while he was showing it to me, he let me hear the messages on his phone. These truck are so in demand in this area, it’s ridiculous.

Long story short, it runs and drives well, tracks straight if I let go of the wheel on the freeway. So besides it idling too high, having a few vacuum leaks, needing new EGR valve to run perfect, it’s one sweet ride!  I can work on those issue slowly to make it perfect. What did I expect for a 1986 with 211k miles. It’s fun to drive a stick again and with my Jeep getting 12mpg this is actually technically saving me money driving it daily. It’s got all of 110hp, I no idea how people drive these with 35″ tires on them. These 31’s are big enough and the gears are already too tall. I suppose they gear them down.

Check out this camper conversion people do on these Toyota trucks. They take the bed off and put this shell on.

Toyota 4x4 Camper RV

Toyota 4×4 Camper RV


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3 Responses

  1. EGR cooler says:

    Toyota camper you might find interesting.

  2. Matt says:

    I have that same truck same color same trail gear bumpers but would love to have that camper and mine is turbo. Love it, only 163000 miles. Bed has rust but everything is stock except bumpers, winch, 31/10/15 wheels and Toyo mt tires. I have the stock wheels and bumpers that came off it and it don’t see mud! Been their