COFFER from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

Produced and directed by Ben Wu and David Usui,
of Lost & Found Films (


There’s no place like home. It’s where we live, work and dream. It’s our sanctuary and our refuge. We can love them or hate them. It can be just for the night or for the rest of our lives. But whoever we may be, we all have a place we call home.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is a series of short films that explore the idea of home; what makes them, how they represent us, why we need them.

We’re always on the lookout for dwellings of all sorts. If you’ve come across any curious or eccentric homes, feel free to send them along.
[email protected]

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3 Responses

  1. robert says:

    Interesting that there are so few replies. I am 59, headed for divorce after 35-year marriage.Feel as if I’m just waking up. Have similar goals – some land, small cabin, off-grid, some home-grown food, but getting started is so hard, so much inertia… write me. Would like to discuss these life changes…

  2. sola9986 says:

    Ya I’m sure you could do it, but the variables are huge, hard to say in generalities how hard it would be. Where would you want to live? Climate would really matter I suppose. Land prices vary a ton, how much do you really need or want. If you don’t have any building experience or aren’t interested, look into getting some land with a house or cabin on it already.

    Good luck.

  3. I am in Florida, getting ready to sell my house. Yes, it is time to get back to nature. I am a 60 year old woman looking to go back. How hard is it, and can an older woman do it. I would like to buy some land and help others accomplish the same. Any thoughts.