Secure Shipping Container Cabin

Secure Shipping Container Cabin Design

Secure Shipping Container Cabin Design

Just found this cool project blog at Steve is making a very secure cabin using 3 shipping containers. His goal is obviously the security of his remote cabin while he’s away. I really wish we had something like this after 2 break-ins, yes I said 2! Maybe more on that later, but I digress. Shipping containers really make sense here and he has a unique idea arranging the containers so they are intact and there are no windows when the doors are shut. The Cabin has a gable roof which is another interesting idea and makes it much more cabin like.

Secure shipping container cabin doors shut

Container doors shut

Container cabin interior roof

Container cabin interior

Steve’s really good at Google Sketchup too so follow his blog and check out his interior designs of his cabin. It’s very spacious and well thought out for it’s use even though it’s only 450 square feet. Read more about the initial design here:

Keep up the great work Steve!

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