Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas tree hunting

We went hunting this past week… Christmas tree hunting. Armed with a tiny hand saw (the first cordless saw), snowshoes and good attitudes we ventured deep into the Snoqualmie National Forest. Past where people carrying heavy chainsaws stopped, we ventured deeper into the forest along a long forgotten icy logging road turned trail, searching for the perfect tree. We didn’t need snowshoes for floatation we needed them for grip on the icy road.

We knew our tree had to be of the smallish variety since our ceilings in our house are only 7′ 6″ tall but we were shocked how small of tree that looked out in the wild! Haha. Everyone laughed when we showed them the picture of our tiny pathetic beautifully slight tree!

The tree was actually too tall for our living room so we had to cut a little more off the bottom! It was unanimous, we had found Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree! We named it Chris.


A Photo at the end of the trail. We tried to make it to Scout lake but this was where we were officially blocked.

Here is the ice waterfall in all its glory.

There may or may not have been a sliding incident that ended with Cheryl and this tree becoming good friends.

Christmas Tree huntingMe, Brodie and Cheryl back at the car triumphant with our tree, Chris.

Closer view of Chris the Christmas tree with all his beautiful decor.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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