How to Build a Cabin for Under $500

500 dollar cabin

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Bear Grylls Grills Knife on saleThis basic log cabin was developed in my extra time, and was finished in 8 months for under $500. My youth group, and a few people from my congregation were a big help. I wouldn’t have had the ability to finish it so rapidly without them.

Obviously there are things that I can, and could have done, to help this lodge lasts up 100+ years:

1 – The logs could have been debarked before I utilized them.

2 – sometime later I can lift the lodge and put it on footings with the intention that the logs will be kept off the ground.

3 – sometime later I can put a metal top on, to reinstate the canvas.

So why didn’t I simply do the above 3 things immediately? I was under a strict time crunch. I just had $500 and I had precisely 8 months to finish the cabin (its a long story). Despite the fact that I had a great deal of friends who helped on different events, I worked alone more often than not, regularly in temperatures of -30, with just a chain saw, a hatchet, and my arms. In spite of the fact that I needed to take several alternate routes (in view of my requirements), I don’t mourn any choice I made while building the cabin.

– I have no past experience in building, just an enthusiasm to build.

– The lodge is 10’x10′. While the top area is 11’x16′

– It has 52 logs, pretty nearly 25 inches in boundary at the base. I left them with the bark on.

– It just cost me $15 worth of gas, and $30 worth of oil.

– The floor is situated on 9 yard stones, with 2″x4″s for backing, and 2.25″ thick rough cut Poplar floorboards on top.

– I made square indents in the logs, which I discovered to be a strong approach to fit the logs together.


Poulan Pro 20-Inch 50cc Chain Saw

Poulan Pro 20-Inch 50cc Chain Saw








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3 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Great job for a first cabin build. Love it. Can’t wait to build one myself.

  2. “unpleasant cut Poplar floorboards” I like that, well said. Nice job!