The Walls Are Up!

Welcome Tiny  House Design readers! I hurried up and posted this update from this weekend as soon as I noticed we were in the newsletter. So cool, thanks!

So this last weekend me and the co-owners Nate and Aaron went up to the Property. The plan was to hit the project hard and get as much done as we could since it’s hard to find a weekend that the 3 of us can get up there. We are building the Owl’s Clover Mini Cabin from Penny Pincher Barns. Oh and it wasn’t raining! That’s rare in April on the Olympic Peninsula. The materials were waiting for us, having been delivered last Friday. Nate has some carpentry experience and with the help of a cheap Harbor Freight nail gun and us feeding him wood he framed up all 8 walls in one day! Our solar panel and battery were charging all the tool batteries and providing the tunes to keep on working late into the night. We had to use a generator for the compressor and power tools since our inverter is not up to the task.

(Sorry… Pictures are not in order)

Later Saturday night we moved on to hanging the loft joists. They are 4×6 beams that will support 2×8 loft planks. Now we need frame up the loft and rafters.

Click to view more photos in slideshow:

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6 Responses

  1. RDLong70 says:

    Looking at the pics, are your wall studs 16″ inches on center or 24″?

  2. Julia says:

    would love to hear about your experiences working with PennyPinchers. Am also on Olympic Peninsula, but doing my research have found some naysayers about PP on the internet.

  3. seeve says:

    I look forward to seeing the cabin progress!!!! Looks great so far!

  4. Thanks Mo! I’m busy studying how to do the mini loft wall we’re adding and the rafters. Math!

  5. Mo says:

    Looks good. Nice big step forward. Thanks for sharing the progress. keep it up.