Thinking about Cabin deck or porch

So I’ve been thinking about putting a covered deck on the cabin for a while now. We have a unique set of design requirements though, which makes it a bit more complicated than I’d like. The porch or deck needs to be self supported and not attached to the cabin. This is because we according to code this is a shed and we want to play by the rules. Also I want to use logs from our land to support the roof. The deck would be about an inch away from the door of the cabin.

I drew the deck in Google Sketchup to better visualize it. The plan would be to pour small cement footings with a metal bracket to attach the vertical logs.

The dimensions are 8′ x 12′ in this sketch, 2×6’s for deck support and 2×4 rafters 16″ on center.

Any thoughts or concerns you guys would have with this design?

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